PhD in Economics
Business coach, facilitator
Professional speaker (GSF & CISSA)
How can I help you?
  • personal psychological counseling,
  • group supervision work,
  • one-time professional speech or a series of speeches on a specific topic,
  • development of trainings to request and its implementation,
  • building an internal training system in the organization
Topics of professional interest
  • Psychological counseling
    Individual psychological assistance and group psychological work
  • Emotional intelligence
    Developing the skills of an emotionally mature person
  • Public speaking
    Effective technology for the preparation and successful implementation of public speaking
  • Stress resistance
    Various approaches and tools for developing stress resistance
  • Managerial skills
    Various aspects of people and process management
  • Adult learning
    Features of adult education and building a system of internal training in the company
Certifications & diploms
Feel free to contact me
Psychologist & business coach
Phone: +49 177 8060119 (München)
Email: mikhailmoskalev@web.de

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